Lorde Completey Shaded The Hot Lead Guy From Riverdale, K.J. Apa & He's Gutted

Lorde and KJ

Oh god.

Lorde may be hard at work on her next album but she’s somehow managing to find the time to keep up to date with our Netflix faves. 

Case in point: The fact that she’s basically declared her love for new trend drama, Riverdale.

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Which, FYI, we’re totally declaring our love for too.

Although, it seems that Lorde gave the leading man, K.J. Apa (Archie) the cold shoulder recently. 

In a recent interview, K.J. was asked if he knew fellow New Zealand native, Lorde, to which he replied, “No I don’t know Lorde”. Nice and simple…

… but he then proceeded to follow it up with a fairly brutal anecdote. “I walked past her in a car and I looked at her and smiled and she completely just looked away and I was really gutted”. 

K.J. Apa


A Twitter user then quote tweeted the quote, sent it to Lorde and she basically just died of embarrassment. 

That said, she has since offered her apologies and extended an invitation for tea.

Can we come guys?

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