LMFAO Confirm Reunion Plans: "We're Not Gonna Rush It!"

12 June 2013, 14:44

The 'Sexy And I Know It' duo promise they will release new music together in the future.

LMFAO's SkyBlu has confirmed the duo will reunite when the time is right, but says he wants to explore his solo material for the time being.

The 'Sorry For Party Rocking' rapper says he and LMFAO partner Redfoo want to give the brand "time to breathe" and tell fans they won't be rushed when it comes to reuniting together for more new music.

"It's on the hiatus tip because situations happen where me and [Red] Foo have been together 10 years strong, working, ding our thing, and LMFAO's been together for about seven," Sky Blu explained to MTV News. "We've had great success and that whole success was based on an organic lifestyle, an organic situation in the studio.

"So for that to come out the right way, we got to allow it to have time to breathe," he explained. "People always [like], 'Well, we want LMFAO'. Ok, well you didn't want LMFAO before LMFAO got hot, so slow down.

"LMFAO gonna come back, but we gonna go it right," he promised. "We're not gonna rush, nothing can make us rush.

Check out a picture of SkyBlu's LMFAO bandmate RedFoo below (Credit: PA):

"At this time in our lives, I'm 26 years old and I got some stuff on my chest that I need to get off," he added. "I got records. This is my first album and then I got more."

The group announced their hiatus in September last year after seeing huge success with songs like 'Sexy & I Know It' and 'Party Rock Anthem'.

SkyBlu releases his debut album 'Rebel Music' on 4th July.