LMFAO gives crowd top marks

LMFAO admit life is dream for them at the moment.

The band, responsible for one of the most infectious pop tracks of the year, "Rock Party Anthem" had the 75,000 crowd shuffling in style.

Capital FM's The Bassman asked the guys to score the fans, they replied, "Whatever the highest is - times that by 35 minus 20 adn then add a billion."

And that's not bad considering it took the guys themselves a while to get the hang of it, "It took about four weeks to get the swag and then all of sudden it just came. At first I was stiff and mechanical."

Redfoo and SkyBlu also expressed their desire to see Ne-Yo close the Summertime Ball, "Yeah baby, we want to check out Ne-Yo...he shuffles already, he'll be doing gliding shuffles."