Lily Allen And Jourdan Dunn In Twitter Spat Over 'Sheezus' Song Lyrics

2 May 2014, 12:44

Lily Allen at her afterpaty wearing a crop top

The 'Sheezus' star took to Twitter this week to defend her lyrics.

Lily Allen has declared she is "sick" of having to explain the song lyrics in her new album 'Sheezus', after engaging in a Twitter spat with model Jourdan Dunn.

The 'Hard Out Here' singer was called out by Jourdan after she seemingly took offence to lyrics on Lily's album track 'Insincerely You', leading to an exchange on Twitter between the two.

"Errm @Lilyallen who's 'ugly kids' was you talking about in this song?" Jourdan tweeted to Lily this week, causing the star to respond: "@missjourdandunn it's a reference to something another artist said about my children on Twitter.

"Also, only mentioned you cause your name rhymes with 'one', sorry," Lily continued, to which the model replied: "Ohhh because my name rhymes with 'One'!!! Look at you, you lil lyrical genius!

"Thanks," Lily curtly added.

Lily is believed to be referring to rapper Azealia Banks in the lyric in question, after the '212' star and Lily engaged in their own Twitter feud last year.

"I'm sick of explaining my lyrics to people, they're pop songs, no more, no less," Lily later added. "If you don't get it or like it, look the other way. Simples."

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