N-Dubz to work with Kylie on new album?

According to the story in the Daily Star, Kylie has already delivered eight new tracks of material to her label.

Her new album is due later in the year, the follow up to 2007's X, which included the single 'In My Arms' produced by Calvin Harris.

However rumours of an N-Dubz tie-in are unconfirmed. Dappy is apparently concerned that working with the pint-sized Australian songstress could damage his reputation. Whilst Kylie's 'people' have said that N-Dubz have been sending demo tracks to Kylie to try and set up a collaboration. Who to believe? Surely N-Dubz have got more to gain by working with the pop royalty of Kylie. Whilst if Dappy is really worried about his cred, he should stop wearing those hats.

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