Kylie Minogue 'let down' by singles

Kylie Minogue has admitted that she felt 'let down' by her recent singles.

Speaking to Perth Now she said: 'It's confusing. I felt a little let down with my releases from 'Aphrodite'.

'I was caught out like a lot of artists were, eith record companies figuring out how to do single releases these days.'

She added: 'I remember doing a promo for one of the last singles and it just felt really old fashioned. I'm pretty computer-savvy, something didn't feel right, but no one said anything to me

'Then you get Britney releasing 'Hold It Against Me' and Gaga's 'Born This Way' available on iTunes the day you hear it first. That's how it should be.

'And there's me waiting for a mid-week chart figure like it's 1989. I was a bit disappointed by that. I didn't know how to gauge the success of the singles. How do you measure it now?'