Britney & Kylie's "Love-In"

Kylie's been tweeting her love for Britney Spears new album.


The Aussie star who will arrive in the UK later this week tweeted, "@kylieminogue: I am READY for the @britneyspears what I have heard!!! WhooOoOoOPP!!!!

The tweet instantly drew a reply from Britney "@britneyspears: Awww! Thanks @kylieminogue. Means the world to me. What's your favorite song? -Britney"

So what is Kylie's favourite song? We didn't have to wait long to find out

"@kylie Minogue: TTWE + HATLM! Congrats!" (that's Till The World Ends but what's the other song?)

Femme Fatale is out at the end of this March. Britney's just been recording the video for TTWE.