Kelly Rowland Denies Beyonce Jealousy

16 November 2011, 10:19

The 'Down For Whatever' singer says she has always maintained a sisterly bond with her Destiny's Child band mates.

Kelly Rowland claims she has never felt jealous of former band mate Beyonce's success and has always supported the 'Countdown' singer with her solo career.

The X Factor judge says that, despite rumours to the contrary, she and the other members of Destiny's Child have always been supportive of one another.

"Listen, you can't preach about having female power, supporting each other and being a unit if you're not one," Kelly told Stylist magazine. "I remember one of the first solo projects Bey did, I was sitting there the whole video short supporting her. I was happy for my sister.

"Some of the public would love for me to hate her, but what's the purpose? What's to gain out of it?

"One of the things I'm most proud of in my life is the fact that we have maintained a sisterly bond."

Kelly also admitted she has no desire to try and compete with Beyonce's high-profile lifestyle because, "Her income is completely different from mine."

The 'Commander' singer credits both her own mother and Beyonce's mother, Tina Knowles, for helping keep the two of them grounded throughout their careers.

She added: "To this day I could wake up one morning and there's this long text message from Bey or Michelle."

Kelly will launch her third studio album 'Here I Am' on 27th November following the release of her new single 'Down For Whatever' at the end of October.