Katy B looking for love at Summertime Ball

Katy B has told Capital she would love to meet her Prince Charming at the Summertime Ball.

The singer confessed that she rarely gets chatted up on nights out and this weekend's Wembley bash could be the place to find love.

'It is a ball isn't it? I need to meet my Prince Charming,' she joked.

'I don't get chatted up, I haven't been out in a while so I don't know, who knows?' Katy continued.

The singer will make her Summertime Ball debut on Sunday (June 12th) alongside JLS, Cee Lo Green, Example and Jennifer Lopez.

'I don't want anyone with lots of money or anything I just want someone who is hardworking and ambitious and kind and lovely and will protect me,' she added. 

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