Kanye West V Jay-Z

The 'Watch The Throne' pair get bickering in the studio.

Jay-Z has revealed that him and Kanye had the occasional shouting match when they were making their new album.

"Yes we get on each other's nerves," Jay-Z confessed.

"We push each other, and people don't like to be pushed.

"So of course there's time in the studio when we're yelling, but I'd never put hands on him."

Kanye is renowned for voicing his opinions in public after he blasted Taylor Swift on stage at the MTV VMAs.

But Jay-Z made it clear things didn't get too heated when they were working on their record.

"I would never drag him down the street," Jay-Z told a US radio show.

"Unless it was in the backyard, then you would never hear about it."

'Watch The Throne' is due to be released on Monday 1st August digitally and then in CD form on Friday 5th August.