Kanye West And Rick Rubin Release Bizarre Acceptance Speech Video

25 April 2014, 12:16

The 'All Of The Lights' rapper has released an unusual video of himself accepting a new award.

Kanye West has done it again after making waves with a bizarre award acceptance speech alongside legendary producer Rick Rubin.

The pair have released a special acceptance speech video this week for their Roland 808s award, set to be presented at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards in New York City this weekend (25th April).

The one-and-a-half minute long video, from filmmaker Mark Romanek, features old interviews with both Kanye and Rick each dubbed over in a foreign language and alognside subtitles to deliver their thank you message.

"Kanye and I would like to give thanks on behalf of the Roland TR-808 drum machine," the subtitles read during the video. "It continues to be responsible for new music some thirty years after its release and discontinuation."

The acceptance speech also uses off-beat imagery of everything from clips of Laurel and Hardy and Pink Floyd's 'Off The Wall' record, to a clip of a bear climbing up a set of stairs.

The Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards is a spinoff ceremony of the Tribeca Film Festival which "celebrates those whose ideas have broken the mould to create significant impact".

Kanye West made headlines back in 2009 when he famously interrupted Taylor Swift's MTV VMAs acceptance speech.

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