Kanye West Working On "Kid-Friendly" Songs For New Album

26 February 2014, 10:47

Kanye West

The 'Yeezus' rapper says becoming a father has changed his outlook on recording music.

Kanye West has hinted that the new music he is working on will be more "kid-friendly", after becoming a father last year to daughter North West.

The 'All Of The Lights' rapper, who wrapped up his 'Yeezus' world tour last weekend, says there will be a very different tone and sound to his next record compared with his 2013 release.

"Artistic, intellectual, kid-friendly songs," Kanye revealed on Late Night with Seth Meyers, when asked about his new music. "You go to Europe, there's nudity on TV.

"So it's all in the way you raise and have an understanding and appreciation for what you're looking at and what you're hearing and why you're hearing it," he explained. "It you think about the 'Yeezus' album, cursing was definitely necessary."

Kanye West released his sixth studio album 'Yeezus' in June 2013.