Kanye West Wishes Miley Cyrus Had "Twerked More" At The MTV VMAs 2013

5 November 2013, 12:33

The 'Yeezus' rapper says he wanted even more twerking from the 'Wrecking Ball' singer's performance.

Kanye West has defended Miley Cyrus and says he loved her performance at the MTV VMAs 2013 this year, but admits he wanted to see "more twerking" from the US star.

The 'All Of The Lights' rapper says he only met Miley on the day of the event, back in August this year, and feels the performance should just have been about twerking and that Miley was trying to do "too many things" with it.

"I just met her the day of the VMAs. And I was like, you know, 'Go. Go. Just go, go for it, do what you feel," Kanye revealed this week to US station Amp Radio. "If there was a thought, if you have an idea creatively from a Donda performance, I would just want her to twerk more. That would be my thing.

"I think they just had her doing [too much]," he explained. "The more experienced you get the more you simplify.

"I just think her entire performance should have been twerking just all the time. Twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk, you know?" Kanye added.

View a picture of Miley at her 'Bangerz' album launch party below (Credit: Getty):

'Wrecking Ball' singer Miley courted controversy two months ago with her raunchy VMAs duet of 'Blurred Lines' with Robin Thicke.

Miley Cyrus is set to head out on tour in early 2014.