JLS' Aston Says He Has A "Sexy Constipated Look"

JLS' singleton Aston thinks his sex appeal comes from his unique style.

Aston Merrygold makes the most of being single and keeps the ladies interested by embracing what he's got.

"You have to know your strengths," Aston said.

"Without my back flip and my sexy constipated look I've got nothing."

The 'She Makes Me Wanna' singer is quite protective of his special skills though and is not impressed with imitators.

"When I see someone else do a back flip it makes me jealous," Aston told the Daily Star.

"(It) makes me want to get involved."

JLS have just completed their UK tour but are set to perform live at the Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert in honour of Michael Jackson this Autumn.

The show takes place at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium on 8th October and fans can register for tickets here.