JLS' Pulling Technique Revealed

The 'She Makes Me Wanna' singers have a bizarre technique when it comes to chatting to girls.

On a recent night out in London Aston and JB were spotted handing out their own brand of Condoms to women.

"For some reason they'd brought a couple of packs from their range along on the night out," a source told the Daily Mirror.

"And (they) handed them out."

The JLS guys were partying at the Playboy club and Aura on the night in question, but this isn't the first we've heard about JLS using their safe sex products as an aid when chatting to chicks.

Single Oritse recently confessed to a Nicki Minaj crush and said he would woo her with his own.

"You know what, I'll send her five packets," he told The Metro.

"I tweeted her, I said, 'Nicki, wassup? When you are in the UK I would love to get together.' So if she gets back to me, hopefully I won't be single any more."

The lads recently finished their UK tour but JLS will perform at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff this October.