JLS Prank Oritse With Birthday Stripper

28 November 2011, 12:11 | Updated: 28 November 2011, 12:34

The 'Take A Chance On Me' singers ordered a large female stripper for their band mate's 25th birthday party.

JLS member Oritse Williams received an unexpected birthday surprise on Saturday (26th November) when his band mates supplied him with a buxom stripper.

The 'She Makes Me Wanna' singer was caught off guard following the band's performance at G.A.Y London this weekend when larger-than-life Gloria approached him with a birthday cake.

After stripping off her shirt she proceeded to spray them both in squirty cream and treated the 25 year-old to a dance, much to the enjoyment of the other JLS boys.

"ALL I KNOW IS WAT HAPPENED TO ME 2NIGHT I WILL "DEFINITELY" GET THE OTHER BOYS BAK FOR…all I can say is it involved whip cream!!" Oritse tweeted afterward.

"Tweet goes to our boy Ritse on his 25th birthday. The founding member of JLS we love you Ritse and wish u an amazing birthday! Love ur boys x." the others later posted.

Oritse recorded a special audio message yesterday (27th November) thanking all the JLS fans for wishing him a happy birthday.

JLS premiered the music video for their new single 'Do You Feel What I Feel?' last week, which is due to be released on 1st January, 2012.

Watch JLS and One Direction perform with The X Factor finalists in the music video for 'Wishing On A Star' below: