JLS' Oritse Finds New Way To Woo Nicki Minaj

Oritse is sending Nicki an interesting gift to try and win himself a date.

The JLS hotty has a soft spot for Nicki Minaj and plans to woo her with condoms.

Aston, JB, Marvin and Oritse all have their own special designs so Oritse is planning to send her some of his.

"You know what, I'll send her five packets," he confessed.

Single Oritse is making the bold move after he asked her out on Twitter but so far he's had no response.

"I've been waiting for Nicki Minaj to call me," he told The Metro.

"I tweeted her, I said, 'Nicki, wassup? When you are in the UK I would love to get together.' So if she gets back to me, hopefully I won't be single any more."