JLS' Marvin Humes: "I Feel Guilty When Girls Faint At Our Gigs"

6 February 2012, 11:42

The 'She Makes Me Wanna' star admits he doesn't like seeing women collapse at JLS gigs.

JLS singer Marvin Humes has admitted that he feels bad when female fans faint at their gigs.

The 'She Makes Me Wanna' singer said he felt a sense of guilt when he sees girls collapse with excitement at the boy band's performances.

"It still bothers me when lots of girls faint and when you see dozens and dozens of girls being carried over the barriers," he said.

"You kind of feel guilty and think 'We have caused that'."

Marvin made the comments in a new documentary alled I'm In A Boy Band, which is due to air later this month. 

Meanwhile, JLS are set to embark on their '4th Dimension' UK tour in March in support of their latest album 'Jukebox'.