JLS spring first surprise

The first surprise of the 2011 Summertime Ball was Dev's appearance alongside JLS.

The 21 year old American shot to fame when her "Booty Bounce" was sampled in Far East Movement's hit single "Like a G6" but Dev kicked off the afternoon appearing alongside the boys on 'She Makes Me Wanna.' and enjoyed her time on the Wembley stage, "It was such a nice surprise for me and a crowd. The energy levels are insane...and insane for me to see this, it's so different here to in the States, everyone appreciates music here."

And she got on well with JB, Oritse, Aston and Marvin, "They're sweethearts, they melt my heart, make me feel like I'm 12. I'm excited and hope it will be a good start to the second half of the year."

The only downside was Dev was the rain, she added, "I just need a jacket and to get used to this weather."