JLS' Aston Gets His Boxing Gloves On

'She Makes Me Wanna' star Aston from JLS talks about his new love of boxing.

Aston has been hanging out with his mate JJ Bird, who found fame on Big Brother but is also a professional boxer, and has been taking boxing lessons from him.

"Moooorning!!! @seno1barber making me fresh!! Then some boxing lessons with @JJ8ird ansaaaa!! Ax" Aston tweeted.

And in an interview Aston revealed all of the JLS boys are massive fans of the sport.

"I've been a huge boxing fan ever since I was a youngster," Aston revealed.

"Even more so since I met JJ. Boxing's a big thing for all of JLS."

Aston and JJ have been mates since they were younger and despite both being successful with the ladies, Aston hasn't always been as popular as he is now.

"When I was younger I didn't have quite the same...," Aston pondered.

"Appeal you do now?" JJ answered.

"Exactly!" Aston told the Daily Star.

JLS will be back with a new music later this year, plus they'll be performing across the UK on their huge arena tour in 2012.