Rich & Kat catch up with Jedward

Rich & Kat have been backing Jedward all the way. They've invited John & Edward onto their a couple of times but today it's a chance to catch up after their first single has been released.

In this interview the boys let loose on some of their favourite topics.

If Lady Gaga calls her fans little monsters, what should John & Edward call their fans, Jedis?

They also need a name for their tour - how about Jedworld?

And with their new found wealth, it seems the boys are very keen on inviting Kat round to their pool party, but will Rich get invited too, he's feeling a bit left out!

For all this, plus what the boys think of Ke$ha, listen to the interview below... and beware of any references to a Jedward sandwich, especially if you've just had your tea!

Rich & Kat chat to Jedward