James Blunt

He's beautful - it's true! Find out more about James Blunt.

Full name: James Hillier Blount

From: Wiltshire

Latest album: All The Lost Souls

Essential tracks:  You're Beautiful  | Wisemen | 1973 | Carry You Home

Official website: www.jamesblunt.com

This mild-mannered chap from Wiltshire is the owner of arguably the biggest single of the decade thus far. 'You're Beautiful' shot straight to the top of the charts in 11 countries and sold six-times platinum in the US. Nearly 3,000,000 people have downloaded the track in the States alone! Yes it's a marmite record and by now you either love it or hate it, but we love marmite and we still love this track!

With his debut album selling over 12 million copies, James went away to craft the 'difficult second album'. But with follow-up 'All The Lost Souls', James has produced a more mature-sounding record laden with a host of memorable tracks.

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