Paramore's Hayley Williams reacts to 'All I Wanted' becoming a TikTok trend

29 September 2020, 11:50

Hayley Williams reacts to viral TikTok to Paramore's 'All I Wanted'

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Paramore's 'All I Wanted' is having a moment on TikTok thanks to a viral video.

Finally! Paramore's 'All I Wanted' is getting the respect it deserves. The track, which is from the band's 2009 album Brand New Eye, has just been discovered on TikTok and Hayley Williams is living for it.

In September, TikTok user @thetinzman shared a cinematic masterpiece set to 'All I Wanted'. In the video, @thetinzman is in a coma, much to the excitement of his father, who celebrates that his water bill would be going down with a victory dance. Meanwhile, his best friend realises there's only one thing that could possibly pull him from his coma – 'All I Wanted'.

As Hayley hits that iconic high note, @thetinzman is suddenly brought out of his coma. "Me hearing Hayley Williams eat this line for the 10103830208493th time," read the caption above. He added: "Me, quite literally reaching Nirvana purely from Ms Williams' vocals."

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The TikTok has received almost 600,000 likes and has started a trend of people making their own videos set to the song. Hayley has now reacted to the TikTok trend and it's so sweet.

At first, she seems a little confused by the whole thing. But as it gets to her solo, she rejoices that her voice can pull him out of a coma (a scientific fact, btw…) "It worked! It worked!" she said.

Of course, once @thetinzman learned that Hayley had seen his video he lost it. In a new video, he responded: "Hayley Williams is duetting my TikTok right now. This is the most jarring thing to happen to me this week.

"She's literally my hero." Aww.

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