Harry Styles addresses theory that Watermelon Sugar is about oral sex

28 July 2021, 23:06

Harry Styles addresses the meaning of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ with Zane Lowe

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

What is Watermelon Sugar about? Harry's coy response to Zane Lowe's question has fuelled fans' theory about sex...

UPDATE 18/05/20: Harry Styles' stunning 'Watermelon Sugar' music video seems to have played right into the theory behind the meaning of the song... Watch the full video at the end of the article and make up your own mind.

The solo efforts of the One Direction boys (with the exception of Louis Tomlinson, whose music has so far been quite wholesome) have all been delightfully spicy. Liam Payne sings about stripping and bedroom floors, Niall Horan sings about slow hands and sweat dripping and Zayn, well, we all heard 'Pillowtalk'.

Harry Styles' first album gave us some spicy lyrics such as 'Played with myself, where were you?' but with his latest single 'Watermelon Sugar', he may have just truly taken the cake.

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Fans have been trying to figure out the meaning behind the song title and lyrics ever since it dropped. There's been various theories, including one that links back to Harry's ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe and her favourite book 'In Watermelon Sugar' by Richard Brautigan. But H's sweet summery lyrics don't quite reflect the post-apocalyptic vibe of that novel.

There's also another meaning... Watermelon Sugar is about oral sex.

One quick search on Urban Dictionary will tell you that 'Watermelon Sugar' is another name for both heroine and cocaine.

Some seemed to sense the sexual vibes straight away, while others were left blissfully unaware and continued enjoying their new fave song about your 5-a-day intake on a sweet summer's eve.

Now, in a new interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, Harry seems to have fuelled those theories even more by not denying the rumoured meaning behind the song.

"Watermelon Sugar, which at this point is out, and everyone's kind of figured out what it's about," says Zane. "The joys of mutually appreciated oral pleasure." Harry, with a grin on his face, then replies: "Is that what it's about? I don't know."

"That's what everyone's saying. Always good to leave it open to interpretation," replies Zane before Harry swiftly agrees: "Oh, yeah. Of course."

While some people still don't quite get the metaphor, ("I thought I had a dirty mind but the way I didn't even link Watermelon Sugar with oral sex until Zane Lowe mentioned it... I still don't understand tbh"), others have taken Harry's coy response as confirmation and well... they're running wild with it.

Maybe Harry is right, though. Why reveal the meaning? Songwriting is a personal process and sometimes, it's more fun and interesting to leave things open to interpretation.

In the same interview, Harry also revealed how "uncomfortable" he is being called a sex symbol and how sex "used to feel so much more taboo" for him to talk or sing about.

"Even like when we were in the band, the thought of people thinking that I had sex was like, oh no, that’s crazy. What if they know? But it’s like … you know?," he said.

Either way, good for Harry. Good. For. Harry. Now go and stream 'Watermelon Sugar'.

Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video)