Harry Styles fans think they've discovered his secret TikTok account

2 March 2022, 12:37

Harry Styles wins Grammy for Watermelon Sugar

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Does Harry Styles have a secret TikTok account? From the pink stairs to the "@suemonella" username, here's all the clues fans have uncovered…

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Harry Styles fans are convinced that they've uncovered his secret TikTok account.

Last week, the mystery of the secret TikTok account started when the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer was photographed holding his unlocked phone while leaving Abbey Road Studios. On Harry's screen, you can clearly see a TikTok profile that has two posts uploaded.

People concluded that it must be Harry's profile, and after a little sleuthing, fans now think they’ve found the account in question.

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Does Harry Styles have a TikTok account?

Harry Styles fans think they've discovered his secret TikTok account
Harry Styles fans think they've discovered his secret TikTok account. Picture: Neil Mockford/GC Images, @suemonella via TikTok

So, let's examine the facts. The account is supposedly under the username @suemonella. In case you didn't know, "Sue" is a nickname given to the One Direction star by his friends Nick Grimshaw, Harry Lambert and Harris Reed.

The account now has six videos uploaded, but at the time time the paparazzi photo went viral there would have only been two posts. Although the photo is incredibly grainy, the colours kind of match the first two videos on his profile.

In one TikTok, an unidentified man is walking up the stairs with only his feet visible. The carpeted pink stairs are thought to be from Harry's London home. In another video, we see Harry's new Spotify 'Watermelon Sugar' plaque. In the paparazzi photo, Harry was carrying a huge Spotify bag that could have contained the plaque.

And if you weren't already convinced, fans noticed that a video about band Wolf Alice has recently been shared on the account. Coincidentally, Wolf Alice will be supporting Harry on his upcoming European tour. He was also recently at their concert.

Harry's fans have been freaking out but have come to the conclusion that it might all be a marketing tool to promote his new music. Harry was recently seen filming a new music video outside of Buckingham Palace for a song fans believe is called 'Duvet'.

Who needs the FBI when you have the Stylers?

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