Harry Styles new hair has sent fans into meltdown

2 September 2019, 15:08

Harry Styles new hair 2019
Harry Styles new hair 2019. Picture: Getty / The Late Late Show with James Corden CBS
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

This is now a Harry Styles' new hairdo fan account.

Noted magic mushroom enthusiast and pop star Harry Styles has debuted a new hairdo and, guys, I hate to be graphic but I am dripping in sweat because of it.

Harry is on the comeback trail in anticipation of his second solo album (the title has not been released yet). Recently he's been spotted filming what appears to be music videos in Mexico and Scotland, and gave a particularly eyebrow-raising interview to Rolling Stone in which the former One Directioner (yes we said 'former', deal with it) admitted to biting off the top of his tongue while high on shrooms and he revealed that his new record is about "having sex and feeling sad".

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Now, fans have spotted Hazza in Italy and managed to grab a selfie or two, and thus blessed us with the very first pictures of his new hairdo.

Warning: the images below can cause fainting. If you have a nervous disposition, please sit down before scrolling.


Harry had been sporting the longer hair look for a hot minute and but he's cut it short and blessed us by growing out his beard and moustache.

I think we can all agree that this is a great day for humanity.

Here's the 'do from another angle to help you take in its full glory.

Harry Styles: A hair evolution.

The power that has, the intelligence that has...

Now, some fans have said they are "unstanning" because of the new hair. That's your decision hun. You do you. But we don't have time for that negativity here.

Fans with actual taste are all in agreement: Harry looks STUNNING.

With an album arriving very soon, expect to see more photos of Harry's new look.