Harry Styles fans have a heartbreaking theory about Music for a Sushi Restaurant's video meaning

28 October 2022, 15:34

Harry Styles opens up about his My Policeman role

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

This theory behind the meaning of Harry Styles' 'Music for a Sushi Restaurant' video will blow your mind.

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Harry Styles fans have a theory about the meaning of his 'Music for a Sushi Restaurant' music video and it's heartbreaking.

Yesterday (Oct 27), Harry Styles released a visual for 'Music for a Sushi Restaurant'. In the video, Harry appears as a human-squid hybrid. He is found by the owners of a sushi restaurant who plan to turn him into sushi. When they realise he can sing, they transform their restaurant into a lounge bar. However, Harry ultimately loses his voice and is turned into sushi after all.

What does it all mean though? Well, fans think they've worked out the meaning behind the video and it'll blow your mind.

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Harry Styles Music for a Sushi Restaurant video meaning explained
Harry Styles Music for a Sushi Restaurant video meaning explained. Picture: Columbia Records

Taking to Twitter (Oct 28), one person tweeted: "I want to write an essay on how the music for a sushi restaurant music video was an allegory for the entertainment industry and how if an artist falls short in their ability instead of giving them space to improve and do better, they’re just destroyed instead." The tweet quickly went viral with many fans agreeing.

Someone else praised the violent themes in the video, and wrote: "For all the Harries that are confused as to why this video is so graphic and uncomfortable. It’s supposed to be. That’s how Harry feels in the industry. Like some sensationalized piece of meat that can be cooked and destroyed at any moment."

Harry Styles - Music For a Sushi Restaurant (Official Video)

Others think that the video directly calls out Harry's manager Jeff Azos. Another fan tweeted: "So let me get this straight jeff met Harry at a sushi restaurant, and in the mv Harry is literally trapped and forcefully used for entertainment in a sushi restaurant, can he be any louder????? #FreeHarry".

While it's actually unclear where Harry and Jeff first met, Charlie Puth recently revealed that he bumped into Harry and Jeff at a sushi restaurant years ago. That being said, Harry actually appears to be on good terms with Jeff. In 2021, Harry officiated Jeff's wedding.

As it stands, Harry is yet to discuss the meaning behind the video. We shall update you if he does.

What do you think the 'Music for a Sushi Restaurant' video is about?

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