No, Harry Styles did not steal a microwave while on tour

8 December 2021, 15:01

Harry Styles sings beautifully at concert on tour

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The real question is does Harry call it a "microwave" or a "microwavé"?

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Here's the truth behind that rumour that Harry Styles actually stole a microwave after one of his shows.

In November, Harry played at Long Island's UBS Arena, which was the last US date of his Love on Tour shows. But then, a fan claimed that the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer and One Direction star had stolen a microwave from backstage in a viral TikTok.

In the video, the fan – named Dianna Rainone – showed messages between her and her father, who was working as a cameraman at the venue. In the screenshots, her father can be seen texting that "Harry Styles stole [the] crew microwave from the ubs arena".

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No, Harry Styles did not steal a microwave while on tour.
No, Harry Styles did not steal a microwave while on tour. Picture: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Spotify, Getty Images

"I believe this man took that microwave. You can not convince me otherwise. He said he will be leaving his mark on the UBS Arena. Thank you and goodnight," Dianne said in the TikTok, which currently has over 163,000 views and 52.8k Likes.

Harry's fans literally spiralled over the hilarious rumour. Some were genuinely concerned why a multimillionaire might need to 'steal' a microwave, while others made memes of Harry onstage making off with the appliance.

Well, we're sorry to report that it's not actually true. Although the crew's microwave had been stolen, Harry was not behind it. "So many people thought it was real," Dianna told The New York Post.

"They were like, 'OMG, is your dad going to say anything to someone or are they going to get in touch with Harry’s team?'"

She added: "It would be hilarious if Harry took the microwave, but my dad said someone probably moved it to clean or something. I really hope Harry does not see this – I’ll die of embarrassment."

Harry hasn't commented on the mysterious missing microwave incident, so we guess for now the case of the stolen microwave will forever remain unsolved…

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