Harry Styles has been labelled "the new King of Pop" and the internet has thoughts

23 August 2022, 16:37

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Michael Jackson's nephew Tai Jackson has even called out people who think that Harry Styles deserves the title.

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Harry Styles has been labelled the "new King of Pop" by Rolling Stone UK and it's safe to say that the internet has thoughts.

Throughout music history, Michael Jackson has widely been regarded as the King of Pop. While his career has been plagued by controversy and child sexual abuse allegations, few singers have come close to Michael in terms of commercial success and impact. Michael was dubbed the King of Pop shortly after Thriller came out and the label has stuck with him since.

However, Rolling Stone UK have now published an interview in which they refer to Harry Styles as the "new King of Pop".

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Harry Styles has been labelled "the new King of Pop" and the internet has thoughts
Harry Styles has been labelled "the new King of Pop" and the internet has thoughts. Picture: Columbia Records, Kevin Mazur/WireImage

In the years since Michael passed away in 2009, there has often been debate as to whether he has a successor as the King of Pop. Some people think that artists like The Weeknd, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber are worthy of the crown. However, others think that their accomplishments in pop don't really come close to what Michael achieved as a musician.

Yesterday (Aug 22), Rolling Stone UK unveiled their October/November issue with Harry on the cover and the title: "Harry Styles: How the new King of Pop set the music world aflame". Naturally, it wasn't long before the internet noticed the headline and it became clear that many people don't think that Harry can be regarded as Michael's successor.

Michael's own nephew Taj Jackson tweeted: "There is no new King of Pop. You don’t own the title @RollingStone, and you didn’t earn it, my uncle did. Decades of dedication and sacrifice. The title has been retired. No disrespect to @Harry_Styles, he’s mega talented. Give him his own unique title."

Another person added: "This title belongs to the black man who worked his ass off since the age of 5, who was a veteran by the age of 15, broke racial barriers and revolutionized the music industry. Michael Jackson is THEE King of Pop of EVERY generation."

A Harry fan also wrote: "and the craziest thing is, if you were to tell harry he’s the new king of pop he would 100% deny it. he didn’t ask for this shit."

While there's no denying that Harry is one of the most successful artists in music right now, it's understandable that people don't think that his achievements compare to Michael's. As it stands, Rolling Stone UK are yet to address the backlash. We'll update you if they do.

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