Ansel Elgort faces backlash after calling a Harry Styles fan "crazy"

7 May 2020, 11:15

Ansel Elgort reacts to his nude photo being removed from Instagram

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Harry Styles fans are slamming Ansel Elgort for dragging someone who has tweeted the One Direction star over 17,000 times.

Ansel Elgort is coming under fire from Harry Styles fans after he called them "crazy" for messaging Harry over 17,000 times.

Ansel Elgort is no stranger to making headlines with his antics. Last year (May 29), the 26-year-old posted 17 shirtless selfies on his Instagram page, he then sparked controversy by saying he wanted an open relationship without sex and, this year, his bulge went viral after people noticed that it's pretty massive. Oh and he just shared a nude photo on Instagram for charity.

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Now, Ansel is receiving criticism after he appeared to drag a Harry Styles fan completely out of the blue on Twitter.

Ansel Elgort faces backlash after calling a Harry Styles fan "crazy"
Ansel Elgort faces backlash after calling a Harry Styles fan "crazy". Picture: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Rich Fury/Getty Images for Spotify,

Yesterday evening (May 6), Ansel retweeted a Harry Styles fan who had tweeted: "@Harry_Styles you don't know how happy you make me everyday. I wish I can meet you one day and hug you, follow me please? i love you! -17,981". The 17,981 is a reference to how many times the fan has tweeted Harry. Ansel wrote: "ppl r legitimately crazy on this app".

Another Harry Styles fan then defended the initial fan and Ansel tweeted back "hes not even on here lol" and "why everyone think crazy is bad". People then began calling out Ansel for seeming to make fun of a Harry Styles fan. One person tweeted: "imagine minding your business and suddenly getting dragged by ansel elgort for breathing".

Someone replied to Ansel writing: "ppl r legitimately douchebags on this app. let people love and support artists. You don’t know their hearts or their lives your own fans feel that way about you. You just made fun of this person to your 3.2 million followers I hope you’re proud of yourself."

Others pointed out that Ansel is a Harry fan himself and has left comments on his Instagram page before. A person also tweeted: "wait i didn’t vibe w ansel’s tweet calling that girl crazy for loving harry".

While it doesn't look like Ansel meant any harm by his original tweet, it's understandable that fans think it's wrong for a star in his position to call someone he doesn't know "crazy" on social media. As it stands, Harry is yet to address the incident himself. We shall update you if he does.

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What do you think? Was Ansel in the wrong?