Halsey reveals G-Eazy cheated multiple times in a powerful SNL performance

11 February 2019, 16:51

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Halsey performed 'Without Me' on SNL and put her personal life front and centre...

Halsey is killing it right now. In just under five years, she's gone from being a Tumblr darling to one of the biggest popstars in the world. From her hit collaborations ('Closer', 'Eastside') to her critically acclaimed albums (BADLANDS, hopeless fountain kingdom), few artists have risen into superstardom as quickly as Halsey. She is a force to be reckoned with and she shows no signs of slowing down.

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On Saturday night (Feb 9), Halsey was the musical guest and host of SNL and she knocked it out the park. Not only was she hilarious in all of her sketches ('Maurice' is sending us) but she also gave us two of the standout performances of her career. Halsey painted an entire portrait while singing 'Eastside'. Nevertheless, it's her rendition of 'Without Me' which everyone is talking about.

Halsey calls out G-Eazy for cheating in a powerful SNL performance
Halsey calls out G-Eazy for cheating in a powerful SNL performance. Picture: NBC // Instagram

The performance itself was stripped back and raw just like the song itself. Halsey opened it by singing in front of a piano and a black backdrop. However, midway through the performance words were projected around her that read "I'm so sorry Ashley I cheated" and a list of places: "At home in Los Angeles", "in Austin", "New Orleans", "more places I can't even remember".

It didn't take long for fans to realise that the apology was from G-Eazy and that the list referenced everywhere he cheated on Halsey. The performance much like 'Without Me' itself was a remarkable example of someone processing a very public split and the trauma that comes with it and creating beautiful, moving art out of it. We couldn't be more impressed and in awe.

Check out the performance in full below.

Halsey - Without Me (Live from Saturday Night Live / 2019)

After the performance aired, people were quick to praise Halsey on her bravery. Kelly Clarkson tweeted: "@halsey that was a killer performance of #WithoutMe on #SNL your vocals, the story, the writing on the wall." She then said: "Best performance I’ve seen in a while. Raw. Painful. Pure." and Halsey replied: "I.. am going to cry." Legends supporting legends. We stan.

However, there was backlash from G-Eazy stans. Taking the negative response head on, Halsey tweeted: "as an artist, I have a privilege to remain honest and write about what’s true to me. as a woman, I have a responsibility to not allow myself to be silenced by someone who has done me wrong. my truth will always come through in my art. death over silence, yo."

Check out Halsey and Kelly's tweets below.

Now THAT is how you put trolls in their place.

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