Halsey SLAMS Ivanka Trump For Posting Controversial Twitter Photo

29 May 2018, 17:29

Halsey and Ivanka
Picture: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images - Ron Sachs/DPA/PA Images
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Many criticised the timing of the First Daughter's post.

Singer Halsey has some opinions on Ivanka Trump's latest controversial photo. Halsey criticised the timing of the 36-year-old First Daughter's Twitter photo with her youngest child amid reports that the US Department of Heath and Human Services had lost track of up to 1,500 migrant children in the United States.

The president's daughter tweeted a picture of her and her son with a heart emoji and the hashtag #SundayMorning.

Two separate controversies concerning migrant families had dominated the news cycle for days and many reacted strongly to Ivanka's photo.

Quote tweeting the photo, Halsey wrote "I wonder what #SundayMorning is like for the parents of 1500 lost children your father is responsible for. Fuck your #SundayMorning"

Some Twitter users pointed out that it was "indelicate" for the First Daughter to post this photo considering the ongoing situation.

While others urged Halsey not to blame Ivanka for her father's actions.

Other celebrities weighed in on the photo as well.

Over the weekend #WhereAreTheChildren trended on Twitter in response to the growing controversy and many, celebrity and non-celebrity alike, are understandably shaken by the situation.

What do you guys think? Was Halsey right to call out the timing of the photo? Would you have said the same thing?