Halsey reveals she wants to work on a musical with Brendon Urie (EXCLUSIVE)

6 November 2018, 17:01

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"I'd love to do a movie or a musical with him down the line."

As any stan of Halsey or Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie will know, the friendship between the pair goes way back. Halsey has often cited Brendon as one of her biggest inspirations and Brendon has been a huge supporter of Halsey since the start of her career. Although they've performed together in the past, there's always been one thing the fans are absolutely dying for - a collab.

While playing the 'The Most Impossible Halsey Quiz', we asked Halsey if we would ever actually get to hear a collaboration between her and the Panic! frontman. And the answer? It's likely. Very likely.

"It's bound to happen," she said. "I will say that me and Brendon get really distracted by goofing off whenever we're together so it's like, I don't know if we could really sit down and make a record yet but it has to happen."

So yes, kids, it looks like we could - one day - be blessed with the collab we've all been waiting for. In 2017, Brendon told us about wanting to work with her on a project ("We talked about either writing something together, maybe not even music, just writing a story and wanting to shoot stuff. 'Cos she's doing more stuff as a director and a writer") but so far, nothing's happened. To be fair, they've both been busy slaying it as individuals anyway.

While there's nothing in the pipeline just yet, Halsey did fill us in on what the future might hold for her and Brendon once all the pop-starring and all the touring is done and dusted.

"I'd love to do a movie or a musical with him down the line. Once he and I are both washed up and can't be pop stars anymore, we're just gonna do Broadway. That's it. Forever. We're gonna write a musical, it's gonna be great. And then we'll be closer to our EGOT."

Halsey as Roxie and Brendon as Billy Flynn from Chicago for a limited run on Broadway? Yes. Halsey and Brendon as Sandy and Danny from Grease? Sign me up. Halsey and Brendon as Mary Poppins and Bert? I'm already booking my flight. A stage adaptation of The Greatest Showman where Brendon plays P.T. Barnum and Halsey plays Anne Wheeler? IT'S WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!

Brendon has also said before that his dream Broadway role is Jean Valjean in Les Mis... so like, Halsey as Eponine? Cosette? Fantine? JAVERT? Or, they could do what we've all been waiting for. Another remake of A Star Is Born with Brendon as a famous yet troubled pop punk icon and legend and Halsey as the upcoming pop ingenue?

EGOT guaranteed.