Camila Cabello accused of “stealing” Halsey's merch designs and aesthetic

10 December 2019, 12:23

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Halsey's visual designer Garrett Hilliker has also called out Camila Cabello's designer Amber Park for "stealing" from him.

Camila Cabello is coming under fire over accusations that she is "copying" Halsey with her Romance merch and aesthetic.

Last week (Dec 10), Camila Cabello released her new album Romance. The record quickly soared to the top of iTunes charts all around the world and received widespread praise from fans and critics alike. Listeners can't get enough of the album's hit collaborations ('Señorita'), catchy hooks ('Liar') and candid lyrics about her relationship with Shawn Mendes ('Used to This').

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However, Camila has received some backlash over the project. First things first, people criticised her for similarities between her Romance teasers and work by Halsey and Lana Del Rey, then they called her out for "ripping off" Marina with 'Cry for Me' and now she's being accused of "stealing" from Halsey with her Romance merch and aesthetic in general.

Halsey fans accuse Camila Cabello of "ripping of" her merch with Romance
Halsey fans accuse Camila Cabello of "ripping of" her merch with Romance. Picture: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Epic Records

Following the release of Romance, numerous tweets went viral comparing Camila's merch to Halsey's. One person tweeted: "camila’s merch team really just stole halsey’s merch designs as if they were nothing i-", alongside photos of Halsey t-shirts which people think Camila has copied.

Camila is selling a ribcage t-shirt with a heart in it, similar to Halsey's ribcage t-shirt with a butterfly in it. Camila is also selling a stabbed heart t-shirt, similar to a Halsey stabbed heart-t-shirt.

People then pointed out that the comparisons even go beyond merch. Camila has also used font, tarot cards and a baroque aesthetic similar to Halsey's hopeless fountain kingdom era. Someone wrote: "this makes me so sad because halsey worked really hard on the whole concept for hpk and camila is coping and stealing halsey's ideas."

A fan also tweeted: "ARE YOU SERIOUS?????? I’m done this is NOT ok!! halsey has a visual designer for a reason and he works so hard to make her merch look cool and original and your team comes and just copies and pastes it like it’s no big deal... this is so disrespectful @camila_cabello. do something!"

Halsey's visual designer Garrett Hilliker then weighed in on the comparisons. He tweeted: "y’all crazy for that one" alongside a set of photos comparing various Camila Cabello merch items and visuals to ones which Halsey had released beforehand. He also tweeted out photos comparing Camila's recent performance visuals to Halsey's.

Garrett then directly called out Camila's visual designer Amber Park for "stealing" from him. He wrote: "ima say this again, amber park has been stealing from my hard working friends / designers for years. i don’t play that."

As it stands, Camila and Amber are yet to address the backlash. We shall update you if they do.

What do you think? Is Camila's merch similar to Halsey's?