Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding Splits From Fiancé

Sarah and her DJ man Tom Crane have broken up after four years together.

The Girls Aloud star has split from Tom ahead of the wedding they had planned for next year.

"Sarah and Tom had a huge bust-up and told each other the wedding is off," a source revealed.

"Although they've always managed to patch things up in the past, it's worse than anything they've gone through before."

Sarah ended the relationship with her boyfriend of four years after the friend reports months of arguing, despite the couple looking smitten at their engagement party in March.

Sarah is said to have visited Tom in Ibiza to try and fix their relationship after recent arguments, but the trip ended in tears as the couple split.

"They've been fighting like cat and dog," the source added to The Sun.

"They've always had a volatile relationship but this time it's far worse.

"If they do get married they both need to start living their lives differently, and that's not gonna happen any time soon.

"It's a shame as they do really love each other but pals can't see how there can be a way back from this."

Hopefully Sarah can call on her Girls Aloud bandmates for love and support ahead of their alleged reunion tour next year for the band's 10 year anniversary.