George Michael Unveils New Video For 'White Light' Featuring Kate Moss

17 July 2012, 11:00 | Updated: 17 July 2012, 11:02

The 'Faith' singer hooks up with Britain's most famous supermodel for his brand new single.

George Michael has unveiled his new music video for 'White Light', which features a guest appearance from supermodel Kate Moss.

The dramatic five-minute video also includes a series of animals, including a zebra and doves, and acknowledges the star's recent battle with pneumonia.

George first revealed that Kate appeared in the video for 'White Light' earlier this month, describing her as "my saviour, on film at least".

"Oh and by the way, in the video, a certain supermodel (our Kate) saves my life,"George said.

"We shot two endings, one with the Heimlich manoeuvre… and one where she gives me full on CPR. Mouth to mouth. Not really."

'White Light' is the singer's first single since he successfully recovered from pneumonia last year. The star's illness came in the middle of his Symphonica world tour.

Watch George Michael's 'White Light video below: