Sabrina Carpenter defends Feather video following Catholic church backlash

30 November 2023, 12:59

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By Sam Prance

Sabrina Carpenter has addressed the 'Feather' music video controversy in the funniest way!

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I'm so sorry for your loss! Sabrina Carpenter has defended her 'Feather' video after a priest was fired for letting it happen.

Last month (Oct 31), Sabrina Carpenter broke the internet with her iconic 'Feather' video. In the visual, a series of boys lose it over how attractive Sabrina is and they accidentally get killed in the process. Sabrina then hosts a funeral for all of them and dances around a church. Fans can't get enough of the video but it's received backlash from the Catholic church.

Shortly after the video came out, Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello, who allowed the video to take place in his church, lost his position. Brooklyn Bishop Robert Brennan also released a statement condemning the music video and photos of Bishop Robert Brennan resanctifying the church with holy water later went viral.

Now, Sabrina has addressed the church controversy surrounding the 'Feather' music video in the funniest way possible.

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Sabrina Carpenter defends Feather video following Catholic church backlash
Sabrina Carpenter defends Feather video following Catholic church backlash. Picture: Island Records

Speaking to Variety about the criticism from the church, Sabrina said: "We got approval in advance." Ever the comedian, she then deadpanned: "And Jesus was a carpenter."

And Sabrina wasn't lying. The parish initially accused the video's team of failing to "accurately represent the video content". However, an investigation concluded that the church had enough information to know that the viral video would contain "inappropriate behaviour unsuitable for a church sanctuary."

Elsewhere, Sabrina opened up about her beloved 'Nonsense' outros that she edits with different lewd jokes for every single city she performs in. She said: "These are kind of the jokes I make on a daily basis. Humor is such a healing part of my life. And I use it in everything — that’s how a lot of my songs happen."

Sabrina Carpenter - Feather (Official Video)

Sabrina also teased that she will be releasing new music once her leg supporting Taylor Swift's Era Tour ends.

Praising the tour and the affect it's had on her music, Sabrina said: "I never would have expected that going on a tour would have amplified the songs the way that it did. And I just feel lucky that people have found them in different places and now see them in different lights. I’m just as astounded as anyone else."

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