Far East Movement On Tupac's Coachella Festival 2012 Appearance: "It Was Amazing" - Video

20 April 2012, 06:53

The 'Live My Life' rappers say it was a special moment watching the late rapper return as a hologram at the festival this year.

Far East Movement have described Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's performance alongside a hologram of the late Tupac Shakur at this year's Coachella Fesitval as a "crazy experience" and an "amazing night".

The 'Like A G6' rappers said they had known about the planned surprise beforehand but still in as much awe for the performance as the rest of the Coachella 2012 crowd last weekend.

"We kind of had a hint because some of the people that we know work with [Snoop] Dogg," band member Prohgress told Capitalfm.com yesterday (18th April). "So they told us a little bit about the hologram and stuff so we really got to pay attention to everybody.

"So right when 'California Love' came on we were like,' Uh oh, it's coming!'," he recalled. "And right when two of Amerikaz Most Wanted came in and Snoop cam out, you could just hear the people like, 'Oh my god who is that? Is that an impersonator? Tupac's alive!"

The 'Live My Life' rappers said the show had been a very special moment for everyone there and that the audience had been "rapping along to every line like he was really there".

"There was a whole lot of phone cameras out and it was just crazy experience to be at," Far East Movement's J-Splif added. "Eminem came out. 50 Cent came out. Just to see that hologram, and what could have been. So it was an amazing night."

Rihanna was also at Coachella 2012 this year and described the performance as "unbelievable" while Katy Perry admitted Tupac's appearance had brought her to tears.

Far East Movement are currently working on their upcoming second studio album 'Dirty Bass', which is expected to drop later this year.

Watch Far East Movement talking about watching Tupac's holographic return at Coachella Festival 2012 to Capitalfm.com below: