Shawn Mendes Fell Off Stage And The Internet Has Turned It Into A SAVAGE Meme

10 July 2018, 16:49

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

This is the best thing we've ever seen...

Shawn Mendes is thriving. Not only did he recently score his third US Number 1 album this year but it has already spawned FIVE hits. 'In My Blood', 'Lost In Japan', 'Youth', 'Where Were You in the Morning?' and 'Nervous' have ALL charted on the Hot 100 and around the world. Nevertheless, what goes up must come down (pardon the pun) and even the greats must eventually fall (okay we're living for the puns, let us be).

Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes. Picture: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images // YouTube

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No. Don't worry. Shawn is still the successful legend that he's always been and he is fine and dandy as far as we are aware. However, just last night he fell off stage during his performance at a festival in Canada. Well, he didn't exactly fall per se. He was jumping on stage and accidentally fell off the edge and collapsed before rushing back up seemingly unscathed.

Here lies the clip in all its glory.

Shawn Mendes falling off stage (his clumsiness went to another level)

We hope that Shawn didn't need any stitches after that although we would be on hand to mend his broken bones if need be (we promise to stop now and sincerely hope that he is actually okay). Naturally, the internet has already turned the moment into a hilarious meme because that's exactly what the internet does best. Prepare to laugh your head off.

Shawn Mendes channelling his best Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl.

In all fairness, we reckon that Shawn would be able to pull off a pretty amazing Super Bowl performance one day if the NFL let him and he's already got the Gaga jump mastered.

Shawn Mendes rocking the fall and crash landing meme.

We have no words just tears of laughter.

Shawn Mendes playing the role of Mario in Super Mario.

We would pay good money to see Shawn Mendes as Mario in a live action Super Mario film tbh.

Shawn Mendes falling through a ceiling in a supermarket to escape the police.

Shawn added so much to Ocean's 8, didn't he?

Shawn joining forces with Ariana Grande in the 'No Tears Left to Cry' video.

We can't believe we missed that cameo before now!

And last but not least the meme for anyone who's ever had a crush on a certain Mr. Mendes.

If you haven't had at least one unrealistic celebrity crush in your life, have you ever really lived at all?

God bless Shawn Mendes and God bless the internet.