Louis Tomlinson breaks silence on Euphoria's Harry Styles sex scene

2 July 2019, 11:42

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

FYI, Louis is NOT happy.

Louis Tomlinson has responded to the backlash surrounding HBO's new teen drama Euphoria, which showed an animated fan fiction sex scene between Louis and his former One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles.

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The shocking scene aired on the most recent episode (June 30) of the HBO series, which has already gained attention for its explicit nature.

Kat (Barbie Ferreira) is just a normal girl by day, but on the internet she's kind of a big deal. Kat is a popular fan fiction author with a massive following because of her X-rated stories about Harry and Louis' "secret" relationship.

Louis Tomlinson attends the World Premiere of "Liam Gallagher: As It Was".
Louis Tomlinson attends the World Premiere of "Liam Gallagher: As It Was". Picture: Getty/HBO

Rue (Zendaya) reads out one of Kat's many Larry Stylinson – a combination of both of their names – stories alongside an animated sex scene, where viewers see Harry performing oral sex on Louis.

The Harry and Louis thing is actually nothing new. The fan faction stories were ridiculously popular online in their band days, but One Direction fans were "disgusted" that it aired on TV.

Louis has now spoken out about the scene – and he doesn't seem one bit impressed.

A fan on Twitter wrote: "Just going to sit and hope that they for some reason approved it because surely they had to to get it aired. Harry seems quite friendly with the people involved but u can just TELL Louis' not gonna like it."

Louis then replied: "I can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it." Yikes...

Louis has previously said that the Larry Stylinson fan fiction had a negative impact on his friendship with Harry while they were in the band and he found it "disrespectful" to his relationship with long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

Speaking to The Sun in 2017, Louis said: "When it first came around I was with Eleanor, and it actually felt a little bit disrespectful to Eleanor, who is my girlfriend now.

"I'm so protective over things like that, about the people I love. So it created this atmosphere between the two of us where everyone was looking into everything we did. He continued: "It took away the vibe you get off anyone."

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"It made everything, I think on both fences, a little bit more unapproachable. I think it shows that it was never anything real, if I can use that word."