Elyar Fox Exclusive Capitalfm.com Webchat Highlights - Video

18 November 2013, 16:59 | Updated: 2 December 2013, 13:35

Elyar Fox Promo Pic 2014

The 'Do It All Over Again' singer joined us live on capitalfm.com to celebrate the first play of his debut single.

Newcomer Elyar Fox joined us on capitalfm.com for a live webchat with Pandora to celebrate the first play of his debut single 'Do It All Over Again'. The London-born singer spoke about his plans to tour in 2014, his excitement about supporting Union J on their live shows, and also working with Lawson's Andy Brown.

Elyar Fox On His Tour Plans



Elyar Fox On Touring With Union J



Elyar Fox On Working With Andy From Lawson



Elyar Fox Talks About His Debut Album