Duffy spent just three weeks on new album

Well Well Well, Duffy has revealed that she wrote her new album in just three weeks!

Talking on This Morning the ‘Mercy’ singer explained;

"The writing only took up three weeks of the 12 months that I was away. And I knew that it was going to be fast, because the moment I sat down with the person I co-wrote the album with, the ideas just flowed out."

"We were doing five [songs] a day because everything I was feeling was just flowing out. I knew it was going to be speedy, but I still wanted to cherish it."

She added: "I think I needed to know that I had more to offer. I remember standing in front on 60,000 people and thinking, ‘You have come here tonight for ten songs. Is that all I can offer?’ I needed to prove it to myself and I still do.

"I think you constantly have to be reminded about what you are here for and what you are good at. So I had to go and make sure that I could deliver something else I was happy with."

Looks like Duffy will have a variety of tracks for her set at this weekend's Jingle Bell Ball!

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