Forget New Rules - Dua Lipa Has New Hair And Has Already Won Today

6 April 2018, 07:17 | Updated: 16 May 2018, 15:38

Dua Lipa Snip Snip Hair Asset

All hail the queen of short hair.

Dua Lipa is royalty. She has this power where anything she touches turns to gold.

Now, she's done the impossible, and actually made herself look even more iconic.

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Sharing a photo to Twitter, the 'Hotter Than Hell' singer wrote "Snip snip" accompanied with her in a leather jacket and - wait for it - short hair.


Needless to say, her 1.8million followers lost all chill. We wish we played it cooler than this, but we so didn't.

Us 4 Dua Lipa's new hair 2k18 idst. xox

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And to remember her long hair, here's Dua's performance of 'Blow Your Mind' at the #CapitalJBB...