Charli XCX responds to meet and greet backlash

30 October 2019, 15:27

Charli XCX Douche Meet and Greet
Charli XCX Douche Meet and Greet. Picture: Getty / @machinewrld Twitter Account

By PopBuzz

"I do not think my fans have been abusive to me at meet and greets"

UPDATE (Oct 28/17:15): Charli XCX has now responded in more detail to the backlash.

Original article: Charli XCX appears to have responded to a backlash after one of her fans brought a douche to be signed at a meet and greet.

On Monday (Oct 28), a Twitter user posted an image of themselves at the meet and greet with Charli XCX and another image of a signed douche by Charli. The image quickly went viral. The fan explain in a follow up tweet that Charli initially refused to take a picture of her holding a bottle of poppers to their nose, so asked if she would sign the douche instead, to which she agreed.

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However, they also said that Charli didn't know what the douche was. For those wondering, a douche is a device used to clean inside your body, usually the anus, before sex.

A few days earlier another picture of Charli went viral, this time posing with a fan who allegedly brought their mother's ashes with them. Yikes.

Charli has a huge gay following and has collaborated with many LGBTQ+ artists. She has even joked about releasing her own line of poppers in the past. That said, many felt that these fans had overstepped a line.

The main thrust of the criticism is that these (presumably gay male) fans appear to be prioritising their own online clout, by creating a viral photo with the singer, while giving little to no regard about how uncomfortable these situations might make her feel.

Now, Charli appears to have responded with a thinly veiled tweet which simply said: "have some respect. that's all."


In an interview with i-D, Charli addressed the photo with fan with the mum's ashes.

"The conversation was so quick and normal", she said. "First, he was like: ‘Hey! Release "Taxi", I’m so excited for the show – by the way, my mum passed away’. I said ‘I’m really sorry’, so he said ‘Don’t worry about it, can you just take a picture of you holding her ashes?’.

"It was almost like they were in a poppers bottle. I was like [Charli makes the sound of someone who’s been thrown a baseball with no warning]... and then it happened, and now it’s online. My face is sort of like…. Well, you can see it in my eyes, I’m afraid." Charli then added: "But yeah, holding the ashes was… new, and hopefully a one time thing."

*We edited the headline of this article to better reflect Charli's latest statement.