Brendon Urie Pledges $1 Million To Create LGBTQ Youth Groups In Every High School In America

4 July 2018, 12:55

Brendon Urie
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Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Come thrrrruuuuu Brendon!

As if we didn't love Brendon Urie enough already, it's just been announced that the Panic! At The Disco frontman will now be donating $1 million to GLSEN (pronounced "glisten"), the leading education organisation in America working to create safe and inclusive K-12 schools for LGBTQ youth.

The new alliance between Brendon and GLSEN will support the creation of student-led GSA (Gender & Sexuality/Gay-Straight Alliance) clubs in every high school across America, to support LGBTQ youth and advocate for inclusive schools.

On the official Panic! At The Disco Instagram they wrote: "Everyone deserves a safe and inclusive community. The Highest Hopes Foundation is beyond excited to join forces with @glsen, the first of many alliances to come. Together we will give kids the support they need to create student-led LGBTQ clubs (aka GSAs) in schools across America ❤️🌈"


On the GLSEN website, they expand on Brendon's involvement with the foundation: "To help realize this goal, Brendon Urie has pledged a one million dollar gift to GLSEN to provide resources, training, and support to students working to create student-led GSA clubs in their K-12 schools, through his Highest Hopes Foundation. Launched this week, Urie founded the Highest Hopes Foundation to support the efforts of non-profit organizations that lead, develop, and advocate support for human rights for all people and communities subject to discrimination or abuse on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity. GLSEN is the foundation’s first beneficiary, with more to follow."

As we previously reported, Panic! announced the Highest Hopes Foundation earlier this week which was created to "support the efforts of non-profit organizations that lead, develop, and advocate support for human rights," according to a statement. The Highest Hopes Foundation is aiming to address issues of discrimination or abuse on "the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation + gender identity."

A lot of artists who profit off the gay community pay lip service to LGBTQ+ causes but are rarely seen putting their own money up to help. We have a HUGE amount of respect for Brendon for not only using his considerable platform but his own hard cash to support the some of the vulnerable members of the LGBTQ+ community.

We're not crying, you are!