DNCE - 'Body Moves'

11 October 2016, 17:32 | Updated: 12 October 2016, 10:14

DNCE Body Moves Vid

Good luck to your replay button...

So DNCE are pretty super cool, right!?

We know they make brilliantly catchy tunes like 'Cake By The Ocean' and Toothbrush' too.

But now we know they can also make one seriously HOT music video.

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'Body Moves' is their latest track and the video that accompanies it is hotter than a Carolina Reaper (officially the world's hottest chilli for anyone asking).


Lead singer Joe Jonas gets up close and personal with the leading lady a number of times throught the vid and there are some seriously seductive moments.

WARNING: You may want to step outside in the cold briefly before watching it because this will undoubtedly get you hot under the collar.

Check out the video in full below...

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