Dappy's First Album 'No Regrets' For May Or June 2012 Release

21 December 2011, 15:15

The 'No Regrets' rapper says his first album will be released slightly later to give him time to record several more tracks.

Dappy has revealed his solo album will not be released until May or June 2012 because he is only halfway through recording.

The 'Spaceship' rapper says he has finished five tracks for 'No Regrets' but is now heading back into the studio to complete the record, after completing his first headlining UK tour earlier this week (20th December).

"I shouldn't be touring because I only have five tracks ready, that's all," Dappy joked to the Daily Star. "I need to do another six or seven before I release my album in May or June.

The N-Dubz star said his solo material will have slightly more mature sound than fans have een from him in the past.

"N-Dubz is more teenage melody music. Now it's a more mature sound. I'm working with Ed White, who did Adele's music too. So there will be some songs with just singing."

Dappy is due to release his next solo single 'Rockstar' featuring Queen guitarist Brian May in February 2012.