Dappy Misses N-Dubz Mates Tulisa And Fazer

'No Regrets' singer Dappy says he feels lost on stage without his N-Dubz bandmates Tulisa and Fazer.

After bagging the Vodafone Big Top 40 No. 1 with his debut solo single, Dappy's solo career looks set for success.

But the N-Dubz rapper says performing as on his own is a really strange feeling.

"When I'm on stage I look around and all I can see is my gospel backing singer," Dappy explains.

"And I just think, 'Where's Tulisa? Where's Fazer?'

"That makes me sad."

N-Dubz have said they're taking a break from working together as Tulisa focuses on her career as a judge on The X Factor ahead of launching her own solo career.

While Fazer also plans to crack the music industry alone after announcing collaboration plans with Katy Perry.

"When N-Dubz played our last show at the O2 in London we collapsed into each other's arms," Dappy told the Daily Star.

"We knew it'd be our last show for two years."

Dappy's new single 'No Regrets' is available to buy and download now.