Dappy Eyes Mario Balotelli Collaboration As He Rules Out N-Dubz 2013 Reunion

26 October 2012, 14:57 | Updated: 26 October 2012, 15:05

The 'No Regrets' rapper says he can "relate" to the controversial Manchester City footballer.

Dappy has revealed that he would love to team up with Manchester City star Mario Balotelli and get the footballer rapping on a future record.

The 'Rockstar' man admitted that he can relate to the Italian striker and jokes how the pair would be "locked up" if they were to hook up.

"I'd love to have a rap with Mario and get him on a record, definitely," he admitted. "Together we would be bad, I think — we'd be locked up. He is crazy just like me."

It has also been reported that the proposed 2013 reunion of the trio could be put on hold till the following year after a source told the publication Dappy and Fazer want to continue to concentrate on their solo albums.

"Tulisa thinks N-Dubz would be bigger than ever following her exposure on the X Factor but her old bandmates just aren't interested," the insider revealed. "Dappy and Fazer want to continue doing their own thing."

The X Factor judge recently told Capital that they would be planning to get back together next year after having a heart to heart with the rapper.

Fazer also revealed how an international deal he signed recently would rule out the chance of hooking up with his former bandmates anytime soon.