Dappy: "Drake And Myself Are Real Musicians" - Video

29 February 2012, 18:24 | Updated: 29 February 2012, 18:30

The 'No regrets' star says that he doesn't like artists who get someone else to sing the chorus on their songs.

Dappy has revealed that he doesn't like rappers who get other singers to feature on their records because he feels they should be able to sing their own chorus.

The 'Rockstar' rapper told Capitalfm.com that he is a big fan of Drake because he is "versatile" and classes himself as a "real musician".

He said: "You see Drake, he can sing, he can rap that's what I like. If you're not multi-talented and you can only do one thing then it's good but it's good to be a musician – you're versatile you can do anything.

"Tell me to sing - I'll sing. Tell me to entertain - I'll entertain. Tell me to do pop - I'll do pop. Tell me to do reggae – I'll do reggae. That's what I class as a real musician.

"Anyone that just raps and gets a singer to sing on their chorus – I don't like that. Drake does it himself. I do it myself. I'm not saying I'm Drake – but you have to have real talent and we spot them."

Meanwhile, the star recently revealed that he wpuld love to team up with Ed Sheeran after commenting on his versatility in his music.

Watch a video of Dappy talking to Captalfm.com about Drake and the need for real musicians below: